10 golden rules for the idle illustrator

Emodíaz shares his essential tips for surviving as an illustrator, designer or unemployed creative. Working as a freelancer can be difficult at times. In addition to managing our own projects, working on our own can lead to moments when assignments are conspicuous by their absence and we are seduced by the idea of ​​taking a creative vacation when what we should do is take advantage of that moment to embark in new projects. The spanish illustrator emodíaz emodiaz has created 10 tips for the unemployed illustrator in which he tells his own tips for those moments of shortage of work for clients. 10 golden rules for the idle illustrator 1 this decalogue includes basic and extremely useful advice about necessary routines and vices such as staying in pajamas all day that we should avoid.


The Psychology of Color in Web Design.

Laziness is the worst enemy of creativity and emodíaz philippines photo editor gives us some guidelines on how to combat it be curious, learn new things, experiment. 10 golden rules for the idle illustrator 3 with his charismatic and caricatured style, emodíaz entrusts his professional colleagues with a series of golden tips – which, although we don’t know for sure, he has surely applied to himself on occasion – infallible to prevent moments of labor drought become a swamp of desolation. With its characteristic illustrated style , emodiaz gives very valuable advice that every creative should follow. Retro bicycle, retro bubble bar , retro telephone , retro restaurant.

philippines photo editor

Inspiring Designs in Honor of Día De Los Muertos.

And even an app that allows you to observe the CLB Directory nice of yesteryear fashion is definitely retro so why not take advantage of the creation of your logo to surf on this trend shape, colors, texture, ornament, typograph it is very easy to get lost in front of this mountain of elements to be defined. Discover our advice to give a vintage touch to your logo Afilm poster must. Contain a lot of important information, although inevitable title, subtitle, director. Logo of the studio and partners, names of the main actors.

The support can therefore easily be very busy. However, the poster should be visually impactful and catch the eye in an instant. On the occasion of the fête du cinéma, we present to you a small selection of the most creative. Cinema posters of 2015. Rest assured, you won’t find there neither fifty shades of grey, nor the eternal but oldfashioned faces cast in the shade.

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