10+ Iot Checklists to Do After Installing WordPress

You ve finished installing Word Press on your website and don’t know what to do next. In today’s special post, I’ll share a list of important things you should do once you’re done with your WordPress installation. This particular post will be really handy for those newbies who are installing the WordPress content, management system on a blog for the first time. It will also help these guys who use their own or a friend’s website tend to install WordPress UK Phone Number List but miss some points in between.This may work as a checklist that you should complete after installing, WordPress on your self-hosted site. Free WordPress installation must have plugin service, Equally important I’ve been using the WordPress CM on my blog for a while now. Correspondingly so compile. a list of things I like to do after installing, WordPress. As far as WordPress is concerned.

Deciding Between Www and Non-www Versions

Moreover, WordPress gives us the choice between the factory  and  versions of the URLs of our sites. We should either pick the  version or the non- version. There is no difference between the two versions. WordPress’ default feed doesn’t give you much customization options. You can optimize and promote your blog feed in a better way by setting up a Feed burner account. Feed burner was taken over by Google in  and is now. Available as one of the free services from Google For Compassionate. I use the non- version. I like found out that a lot of blog sites are using the non version. that’s why I made this decision. You can set your website version from Decision around – General.

Install the Basic WordPress Plugin

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Now it’s time to install some necessary plugins to your WordPress-based website: Kismet in Plugin Spam Protection. You should install a plugin that should be able to really differentiate from spam. To prevent comment spam on your blog, you should give an Kismet plugin a try. Furthermore Relate plugin to display related articles. How will you display relevant posts on your WordPress blog? You can do this by installing the Relate plugin on your Word Press blog. YAPPED can be a good alternative to the Relate plugin. Google XML Sitemap plugin automatically creates. Uniquely XML sitemap files How will you go about getting your blog posts. and pages indexed in major search engines including Google?

You can do this by creating an  sitemap file of your WordPress blog and getting it submitted There is a WordPress plugin that will also automatically create XML sitemaps for your blog called Google XML Sitemaps.Broken Link Checker Plugin You should install the Broken Link. Also, Checker plugin to get rid of broken links on your blog. Nobody likes seeing broken links on their site, and even search engines don’t like, having too many links that take them nowhere on the site.


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