10 Quick Seo Tips for Optimizing Your WordPress Blog

If you’re new to search engine optimization (SEO), then the first thing you should know is that search engines love fresh and high-quality content. Besides high-quality content there are many factors that make a post rank well in search engines. Should be indexed first and need multiple backlinks to leverage it for targeted keyword ranking.Optimize the titles of your articles and pages . Choose the title your blog post thinks before in the user’s perspective. How Luxembourg Phone Number List to search for a user for a product or item, Google tries AdWords and other keyword tools to get keyword suggestions. Optimize your title based on these keywords. Read:

Google Xml Sitemap

Just install this plugin, it will generate an XML map for search engines Google, Yahoo, etc. By adding this sitemap to webmaster tools, it will index all of the blog’s pages, which is very useful for fast indexing and ranking. 5. Install the anti-spam Akismet plugin . This will block all spam comments from spammers, if approved these comments will definitely affect your SERP ranking. 6. Use the ping service . It’s always hard to get the latest articles to get¬†indexed in search engines. And Google’s spiders will crawl your blog to index your posts. How to tell if you’ve updated your blog with Google’s spider? Below is a list of popular search directories and search engines that will automatically send pings, which will speed up your indexing.

Easy to Navigate

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Luxembourg Phone Number List

Let easy-to-navigate users navigate within your site. Add categories, tags, link pop in the sidebar, optimize footer links, and add breadcrumbs if possible. 8. Update your blog regularly . While SEO is queen, content is always king. A well-optimized, fresh and high-quality content always brings a lot of visitors to your blog through search engines. Be consistent in updating your blog by posting at least 4-5 articles per week. 9. Interconnect your articles : Interconnect between articles with the same weight age equals link building. You should leave any of your pages at least from the link trying to use some auto-connect plugin. Like YARRP, SEO Smart Links etc. 10. ALT Optimization : Don’t forget to add the ALT attribute to every image. You add to your blog posts as it has heavy SEO benefits.

The search spider will read the image name (acb.jpg, acb.png) and alt attributes to determine what kind of image it is all about. If you have good keywords in image titles and alt text then your images have the advantage of getting good SEO rankings for good image search engines.

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