10 Tools to Make Your Campaigns Free

One thing I love about email marketing is its versatility. It is not only suitable for campaigns at different stages of the conversion funnel but it can be adapted to companies of all sizes. To get started with this zero-cost marketing technique, there Russia Phone Number are many free email marketing tools that are ideal for SMEs. These are the 10 best according to the evaluation of the users themselves and our experience, so do not miss them! Do you want to improve your email marketing campaigns ? 10 Tools to Make Your Campaigns Free.

Top 10 Free Email Marketing Tools

Click here and get the 1-hour course for free to optimize your emailings and results. In this video, we explain the tools in detail. Top 10 Free Email Marketing Tools 1) mail jet This tool serves more than 150 countries and seeks to be a global solution for Russia’s Phone Number all email marketing needs. The free plan allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts, which is a clear advantage over other free email marketing tools. What is the limit is the number of emails you can send: 200 per day or 6,000 per month.

Mailify Is an Email Marketing

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To remove this limit and mailjet branding and have 24/7 support. You can choose one of their paid plans starting at $9.65 per month. Email marketing tools – mail jet 2) easy mailing. Easy mailing is a new email marketing. Tool born in 2020 that stands out for its russia phone number ease. Of use and the support it has in spanish.It is aimed above all at SMEs, communication agencies, and freelancers. It offers advanced segmentation and a very intuitive template editor with a wide variety of templates. With the free version, you can have up to 250 subscribers and send 2,000 emails per month. Payment plans start at €12 per month, with unlimited shipments.

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