Pakistan Mobile Number 10 Top Data Analysis Mistakes Digital Marketers Make

Reporting and data analysis inevitably encompass a significant amount of our time as digital marketers.

However, even experienced marketers can trip up and make a few common mistakes when looking at data and making decisions.

You need to stay mindful of errors that can result in looking at the wrong data, reaching the wrong conclusions, or leaving the door open for faulty interpretations from a client or boss.

In this article, you’ll learn 10 common Pakistan Mobile Number mistakes digital marketers make when analyzing data:

  • Not looking at a statistically significant timeframe.
  • Not factoring in seasonality.
  • Ignoring the impact of offline activity.
  • Not accounting for multi-channel engagement.
  • Reporting on numbers without conclusions.
  • Focusing on the wrong KPIs.
  • Making decisions based on faulty data.
  • Not incorporating backend data.
  • Visualizing data poorly.
  • Assuming that you can measure everything.

1. Not Looking at a Statistically Significant Timeframe


Many businesses see ebb and flow in lead volume over the course of a week or month, and looking at data for just a few days generally does not yield an accurate reflection of long-term ROI.

If your goal is to generate an average of 100 qualified leads a month, you could accomplish that goal by receiving 10 leads one week and 30 leads for each of the next three weeks.

Very few businesses will see the Pakistan Mobile Number exact same number of leads coming through every single day or week.

If you were to judge projected performance just based on the first week alone, you might assume that lead volume is abnormally low. However, the account still reached the goal of 100 leads/month with future weeks picking up in volume.

Many business owners and CMOs are (understandably) tied to the numbers and monitoring daily/weekly results.

Marketers should help provide the wider context to minimize fears around the numbers being down for the day when sales are up for the month.

2. Not Factoring in Seasonality

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

Another part of considering timeframes is to keep seasonality factors in mind.

An ecommerce business will likely see its biggest sales period around Black Friday, while a B2B business may see Pakistan Mobile Number lead volume slump around the holidays.

Data from past years can be helpful in order to factor in which months tend to have the highest and lowest volume.

You should factor in data directly from Google Analytics and ad platforms, as well as overall backend sales/lead data.

Unfortunately, we’re probably all familiar with “unprecedented events” that can impact businesses globally. Graphs for the vast majority of businesses don’t follow “normal” patterns when looking back at 2020.

Outside of the events of 2020, many companies see their business ebb and flow based on outside factors.


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