13 Best Windows VPS and Cloud Hosting China Phone Number

Not all applications can be hosted on Linux, or not everyone likes or feels comfortable with it.

There may be several reasons for using Windows servers instead of UNIX.

for instance:

Application Compatibility
Legacy Application
A Windows-based application such as .NET, ASP.NET
jump server
You only need to perform application or site tests.
What is your requirement?

The following are some of the best platforms for Windows servers around the world to host Windows-based applications.

Kamatera offers Windows as desktop and server. You can choose from different OS versions and options for hosting in XNUMX data centers.

Kamatera Servers are powered by Intel Platinum 8270 processors and some of the following benefits.


Unlimited network speed of 40 Gbit per second


SSD storage for better I/O performances
Scalable and a server can go up to 64 vCPU and 256 GB of RAM
You can manage servers through a beautiful panel or API.

Google Cloud Platform
Deploy .NET application, SQL server, or anything to GCP . You can choose to host Windows 2012, 2016, and 2019. Pricing is based on size and resources like storage, a network that you aggregate and pay for as you use, no more annual or monthly lock-in.

Google Cloud database centers are available in 19 regions globally, so you can always find an option to host applications close to your users.

Some of the benefits of having Windows servers on GCP are:

Low latency network
Secure network, take advantage of the built-in firewall to configure who can connect
Scale up or down as needed

Google Cloud is an enterprise-ready cloud solution

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Scala Hosting
Scala Hosting cloud VPS comes with fast SSD space, increased functionality and dedicated control. They keep three copies of your data on three different servers so that when a hardware failure occurs, your cloud hosting server can be automatically migrated to a safe and healthy node.

It is 100% automated and you can easily manage your hosting server from the client area at any time. Stop, start, restart, upgrade, downgrade, reset password, access your console and monitor resource usage seamlessly. Once you request your cloud server, it will be available within a minute.

Cloud servers run on a dual Intel Xeon E5-CPU with a minimum of 256 GB of RAM, redundant uplinks, and a dual power supply. Scala Hosting leverages 10 Gbps networks that have multiple premium uplinks and uplinks to deliver high uptime.

You can choose the SSD cloud server location to deploy it; they currently have data centers in Europe and the United States. All of their cloud hosting plans include scalable resources, 3 snapshots, high availability, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing starts at $10/mo for 1 CPU core, 50GB SSD, and 2GB RAM.

Get Windows Server 2019 in New Jersey, Amsterdam, Moscow and Almaty.

Server Space runs on an innovative hyper-converged vStack platform based on superior open source technologies. The lightweight BSD hypervisor and the simplified codebase FreeBSD operating system help build next-generation virtual machines.

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