Corona has also had an impact on them. The fact that their colleagues work from home also affects them. And they too will experience that hybrid works change their own, non-hybrid work. In this respect, Mullenweg’s pyramid of autonomy (unconsciously) shows that gap very clearly. He talks about five levels, but actually dismisses the ‘level 0’ as irrelevant.

I think that’s unfair

Because even if the other groups of employees do work (digitally) (together) more from home or other locations, this has a major impact on people who are tied to locations. Organizations must take this into account when plotting their route towards hybrid working and hybrid organization. Resume I hope I have shown you that other forms of digital collaboration are preferable to video calling and documents.

And that as a partnership

Whether it’s a department or team, a project group or something else — you have to coordinate how you work and collaborate. My third and final article on hybrid working is about digital tools. As an organization, take a critical look at your toolset, at your digital work environment in general, in relation to the work. And only then make choices for what, how, with whom and finally also where you do that work.

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