Hybrid working is a new theme for many professionals and organizations. How do you deal with this topic? Share your questions, concerns, ideas, and solutions. In this way, we help each other step by step. Always know what’s going on? Know where your opportunities lie in the field of marketing, communication, and commerce. With the annual subscription to Online courses, you can learn unlimited for €499. This way you know what is going on for 365 days and you are aware of relevant trends. Knowing more? Read 4 comments Others also read The best of 2021: top 10 articles about digital workplace & hybrid working No more working from home advice: how do you really tackle hybrid working properly? The era of hybrid works has begun. How do you shape that?
The most important condition for a great marketing strategy is that you know your ideal customer well. Their needs, goals, what content will excite them. But you know what also helps? Know exactly who your ideal customer is not. In this article, I tell you everything about my negative persona Bertha and why you also need a Bertha.A negative persona is a fictitious representation of who you absolutely do not want as a customer. Do you now think: “But I have no idea at all who I would like to have as a customer?” – be sure to read this article first for a simple step-by-step plan to create a persona. You first need a positive persona (profile of your ideal customer) before you can start working on your negative persona. For example, with a negative persona you can think of the following types of customers

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