Why a Diy Blog Should Be Your Next Project

If you’ve been running the same blog for several years, you’re probably feeling the itch to change things up. Maybe you don’t want to give up on that original blog – blogging is like having a baby first, after all – but maybe a new project can help spark your creativity. The only question is what kind of blog you will start.Allow me to make a humble suggestion. After more than seven years writing on several blogs, and reading hundreds (possibly thousands) of others, Greece Phone Number List one thing has become clear. The best blogs out there, and perhaps the only ones worth reading, are the ones that teach readers things they don’t know. Blogs like bloggers are passionate about helping and teaching our bloggers.

I suggest you find your own area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise and teach it to others.Teach people how to do things and they will reward you in many ways. There is a certain art to doing your own blog, just to attract readers. Need some reasons to make a DIY blogger’s next project?

Learning opportunities

Your readers will benefit from what you teach them, making sure nothing goes wrong. However, your blog will benefit. How about it? Because you’ll learn something along the way. Yes, you should go for any DIY blogging project with a baseline of knowledge, but chances are you’re not an honest expert yet. Starting a blog gives you one chance to become an expert by fully immersing yourself in the subject matter.You need all the knowledge now. If you blog about home improvement and you don’t know all the different types of exterior wood shutters and all the hinges and brackets for installing them, you probably don’t intend to explain your own post as well as your audience. Hence, there is the necessary learning aspect of a DIY blog. You will become a more knowledgeable person.

Social and Seo Traffic

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Greece Phone Number List

Some blogs are better for SEO traffic. Their subject lines are associated with high volume of search terms, so ranking high on Google will bring in the traffic Reams. After all, Google is still the internet’s first referral. But other bloggers just don’t do it for Google. Often, news and opinion blogs have trouble ranking for certain terms because of similar content, such as flooding. These bloggers do best through social channels, mainly Weibo, where their content can spread their message.DIY blogs will attract both SEO and social traffic. When people search Google they are usually looking for something specific. (That’s why CPC ads work.) If they’re looking for something related to your DIY blog, and you’re out near the top of the search rankings, they’re likely to click. After all, your article will help answer their questions. If you write captivating headlines, they’re more likely to all click.

People also tend to share DIY content on social networks. While pictures and photo albums tend to get more articles than words shared on Facebook, DIY articles seem to be the exception. Articles on Twitter can go viral. They get to play StumbleUpon and get plenty of saves to Instapaper and other bookmarking sites. The combination can bring you huge traffic.

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