5 Best Tablet Apps Needed by Small Business Owners of Seo

A recent survey of small business owners by Forbes magazine revealed that 28 percent of small business owners already enjoy the benefits of a tablet. Additionally, 48% specified a tablet as their next essential gadget as they want to buy a laptop with about 41% arriving closely behind. Clearly, small business entrepreneurs are aware of the advantages these fancy gadgets bring. First, tablets are being highly preferred by small business entrepreneurs due to their mobility and functionality. Even though they are light and easy to carry around, tablets Dominican Republic Phone Number List perform most of the basic functions of a laptop! Also, there are some truly impressive applications for the simple life of a manufacturing entrepreneur. So, if you want to take advantage of the tablet, it would be obviously beneficial to read up on some of the apps that are available.

Some Useful Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs

Just like laptops, tablets should never have an office suite. There are several suites available that can add power to presentations, spreadsheets and word processing. Also, they are absolutely easy to use! Some examples of Office suites include “Documents To Go” for the Blackberry PlayBook, Quickoffice catering to various platforms, or the web version of the popular Google Docs, which is completely free. You can use it with Safari on an Android tablet or iPad. As we grow more and more acclimatized tablets, our computer usage may decrease. However, there may never be situations where you will need access to applications or files from your PC.

Thankfully, there are also remote desktop applications on your tablet that can provide direct access to these files from the tablet itself. These apps will allow you to grab apps and files and run these from remote locations. Examples could be Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad and Android where Mac and PC are bidirectional.

Travel Management Apps

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Dominican Republic Phone Number List

If you are a small business entrepreneur, travel will definitely become a part of your life. And frequent travel requires you to stay organized and keep all information in a single store to avoid the associated hassles. Thankfully, there are apps like TripIt and WorldMate that can help you plan your trip. They will manage everything from car rental to flight timings, for your benefit. Also, they will allow you to book accommodation cheaply.


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