6 Leaving the wild Marylin Manson for a contemporary story with violence

Therefore Marilyn Monson this year was at the center of accusations of violence. Many women have revealed what they have done, and we have collected all their statements. But Manon will never look like a decent person.

In the mining of rock musicians and without accusations today there is a place for Satanism, violence, selfsame, drake and still a bunch of flowers. A collection of Manson’s most popular hits from the past 25 years.6 Leaving the wild Marylin Manson for a contemporary story with Joined the Church of Satan IN the beginning, Manson’s work brought out the image of the “Antichrist-Superstar”.


They Are Dedicated to


Their second album, where they put their idea of ​​cultural music “Jesus Christ the faith of Jesus Christ.” Crushing such themes led Manson to Satan himself.

In 1994, the Rocker was asked to meet Italy Phone Number with the founder of the Church of America, Satan Anton Leve. After his close relationship, the musician received the title of the celebration of honor and confirmed this document. Lava’s memories and memories drew together. After 23 years, in August 2018, the church of Satan emphasized the musicians in their ranks on Twitter.

During One of the


Italy Phone Number


Concerts of the first album, Nanson organized a whole show on stage. Musicians break broken beer bottles, splattering blood on the audience and the equipment. Cores have left Manson to this day.

Manson also admitted that it happened again in 2008 during the recording of his 7th album. Then the separation from the tree Evan Therefore Rachel was very worried, which started a wave of violence against the musician. Manson was so bad that he reached 158 – one for each wood, the wood did not answer his part.

The human skeleton smokes In one of the interviews in 1995, Manson talked about smoking. The musician respectfully referred to himself as Ramies, the bassist in his group, found and human bones. According to Manson, in New Orleans it can be collected as fruit. .


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