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Take a photo of clothing and search for “combination” to see Macedonia Phone Number what goes with the clothing. Take a picture of your bicycle and search for “repair chain” to repair your bicycle chain step by step. Google has achieved this by continuing to develop with Macedonia Phone Number artificial intelligence . This makes it easier to understand the world Macedonia Phone Number around us. And to be honest, the search results are really good. In addition to Google Search. Even more possibilities You can also search for many more specific things with Google Lens. Like on: Food: Take a photo of your dish and you will be shown recipes.

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Text: when you see a text and you want to know Macedonia Phone Number more about it, you can search for it. Translate: take a picture of a text, then choose the language to translate into and Google will do it for you. Shopping: Search the image within Google Macedonia Phone Number Shopping to buy what you see. video player 00:00 00:14 What can you do with this as a Macedonia Phone Number company? This increases the importance of Google Images for your website or webshop. Specific optimizations for this component are not yet known, but of course there are things that are always good to take care of.

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Make sure you provide images with good Macedonia Phone Number descriptions, use alt texts and make file names unique, but above all relevant. Image search is becoming important and the better you take care of this in your platform, the better for your findability. I also Macedonia Phone Number wrote about the Google MUM update – Google is currently exploring how this can Macedonia Phone Number reinforce each other. An answer for every question, that’s where Google wants to go. You can also think about how you prepare product packaging. For example, if you have a product, you can put an encouragement on the packaging to take a photo of your product through Google Lens so that people can also buy the product.

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