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Best practice 2: Apple (touch) Apple understands all too Egypt Phone Number  well the psychological principle that “holding a product creates a sense of ownership, making the customer more likely to buy the product.” In their stores, they place their iPhones at a certain angle, making it Egypt Phone Number just about impossible to see the screen. This means you have to pick up the phone. The exact effect on sales is not clear, but it is certain that it increases sales. Worst practice 1: Coca-Cola (view) You would think that Coca-Cola could do no wrong in marketing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. During Egypt Phone Number their Christmas campaign a few years ago, they temporarily changed the color of their beloved soda from red to white.

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A real Christmas can. They had not expected that this Egypt Phone Number change in color could also change the perception of taste. The can disappeared from the shelves after a month (even before Christmas), because people really thought it tasted less good. It has everything to do with branding. So we know from the Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi Challenge that if you taste blind, you prefer Pepsi Egypt Phone Number over Coca-Cola, while if you taste with sight, you prefer Coca-Cola. The brand and the associated brand assets (including the color of the packaging) literally make Coca-Cola taste better! 2 women Egypt Phone Number drinking coke. Worst Practice #2: Cadbury (sight & touch) We have already seen that shape influences how we experience a product.

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Confectionery manufacturer Cadbury learned this Egypt Phone Number painfully when they tried to modernize the shape of their Dairy-Milk chocolate bar by rounding the corners of the bar. The complaint line was red hot and customers were outraged. Their favorite snack Egypt Phone Number suddenly tasted much sweeter and creamier. And that while the manufacturer had not adjusted anything to the taste. Sensory marketing or sensory branding? Sensory marketing is often a Egypt Phone Number matter of branding. A jingle, a unique brand scent, a visual identity or the typical taste of a certain product. They all fulfill the role of distinctive brand assets that you can link to your brand.

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