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The disadvantage of working with local and shopping Russia Phone Number campaigns is that these campaigns will expire in Google Ads in the short term. These are in fact transferred to Performance Max campaigns . These campaigns are likely to change the SEA approach. It is Russia Phone Number currently unclear what role Performance Max will have and how you can still make an impact on the local and shopping area. 3. Make use of images The search results have traditionally been mostly Russia Phone Number text. When you see an image, you immediately notice it. Images are increasingly shown with organic text results.

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I recommend that you upgrade your text ads as well. You do Russia Phone Number this by working with image extensions . An image extension is an extension where you can upload relevant images to complement your existing text ads. With image extensions you can, for Russia Phone Number example, already show your product to the user or make it clearer what kind of services you offer. My advice is to enable image extensions at the ad group level. You probably have an ad group per Russia Phone Number product category (or even per product). Upload appropriate images that clarify this category. You can upload up to 20 different images per image extension. Today, these image extensions are displayed on both mobile and desktop.

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A rock-solid search strategy In addition to using other Russia Phone Number types of campaigns, it is important to have strong search campaigns. Text ads are super important. They are still at the top of the search results page and are still often clicked and then converted. Keep Russia Phone Number using these ads! A bit of advice from my side: Do extensive keyword research before Russia Phone Number you start advertising. Know which keywords your target group uses in searches and make sure you are visible on them! Take into account differences in search behavior per country and language if you do international business. Keep using exact match keywords.

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