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What are the concessions to which it is good to pay UAE Mobile Number Database attention and that you can, perhaps, try to request? Index of topics Advertising bonus: who can access it and how to request it Advertising credits for SMEs. Google and the Aide To Facilitations social platforms do not extend In addition to advertising bonuses. And marketing investments Advertising bonus: who can access it and how to request it. The new Budget Law officially confirmed the extension to 2022 of the 50% tax credit for all advertising. Investments by companies through digital and online printing . If in 2020, in fact, the concession concerned all the budgets invested in advertising, including by radio and TV, from 2021 and also for the whole of 2022 these two channels remain excluded from the deduction.

This affects both local and national broadcasters

Whether or not they are own by the state. Even budgets invest in advertising, out of home or other forms of promotion that are not strictly “editorial” cannot be deduct. In essence, the 2021 Advertising Bonus exclusively concerns the sums that will be invest in print advertising in both print and digital publications such as Digital4, thus including online publications. As already for 2021, these must be exclusively register and official newspapers , blogs or other content platforms are not valid. The maximum spending ceiling remains the same as in 2020 and 2021, i.e. 50 million per year. As already for 2021, also in 2022 it is not necessary to demonstrate an increase in advertising investments.

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All companies and professionals can access

Based in Italy, which duly fill in the form for access to the tax credit. Subsequently, a substitutive declaration must be attached with the details of all the planned advertising investments. The deadline for submitting the communication of access to the deduction for the year 2022 is March 31st . The dedicated section of the Government website and the Revenue Agency are constantly updated with the new provisions. Advertising credits for SMEs: Google and the social platforms do not extend In 2020, many Big Techs and global social media giants mobilized to support the economic fabric, especially the world of small-medium businesses. Google had allocated a whopping 340 million dollars in advertising credits.

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