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The B2B sector is the best example of this disruption: until now. Companies entrusted their sales objectives to traditional sales techniques. Based largely South korea phone number on face-to-face contact between the customer and the supplier. However. Many of the restrictions caused by the pandemic – the suspension of events. As well as restrictions on travel. Meetings or visits – have dealt a heavy blow to traditional sales processes and have given way to a new model: what the COVID-19 and Digital Commerce report (Accenture. 2020) calls”minimum contact shopping”.

This paradigm shift represents a great challenge for the sector. Which will have to start prioritizing digital strategies if it wants to overcome the economic challenges that lie ahead. A study by the consulting firm mckinsey goes in the same direction by South korea phone number highlighting that. Since the beginning of the pandemic. The vast majority of business processes have been carried out remotely . Through the digital channel. The report also concludes that. Despite the fact that there is still some suspicion towards the digital model. More than half of the professionals who participated in the study admit to having achieved the same or even better results than before the pandemic. Speaking in silver.

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Everything indicates that. In the future. B2B salespeople and sellers will have to rely on technologyin order to continue doing your job. Bearing in mind that the situation is not going to reverse in the short term. Perhaps this is the time to resume some of the South korea phone number necessary initiatives to modernize the commercial process of B2B organizations and adapt it to the new times; or at least to complement traditional ways of doing things with new forms of commercial work. However. Not everything goes According to data from the latest e-SME report. There are 197.016 industrial companies in Spain . Of these. 83.2% of smes and large companies. As well as 37.5% of micro-enterprises.

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Have a corporate website . Furthermore. 50% of smes and large companies use social media (32.9% in the case of micro-enterprises); and 21.8% pay to advertise on the Internet using targeted advertising (11.3% in the case of micro-businesses). Now. Aside from South korea phone number these specific digital marketing actions. Are these companies making an effort to design commercial-digital strategies ? Have you managed to integrate the digital strategy into your traditional sales processes? Have the actions you carry out on the Internet been planned to obtain new business opportunities that have a real impact on the income statement? In short.

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Have B2B companies finally begun the path towards commercial-digital transformation ?What will allow them to survive and adjust to the new times or have they simply launched certain digital marketing actions? The answer is ambiguous: although this? Moving South korea phone number forward. There is still a lot of pedagogical work ahead. The first thing that should be clear is that having a web page or a profile on social networks does not necessarily follow a digital commercial marketing strategy . These are simply tools that may or may not be useful for the business project. Activating them individually and in an uncoordinated way does not usually generate results; and. In fact. This way of proceeding takes us away from what should be the final objective of a digital marketing project: the development of a new commercial channel .

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