An Interview With Logo Enthusiast, Peper Pascual

I enjoy resting at home, playing with my kids,  Bahrain WhatsApp Number List talking with my wife and hanging out with friends. I really enjoy taking strolls when the streets are not busy which is mostly at night. The author Allison S. Gremillion Allison S. Bahrain WhatsApp Number List Gremillion A Louisiana native, Allison moved to San Francisco and became the first Community Liaison at 99designs. Over the years, she established and lead several designer teams focused on supporting, educating and motivating 99d’s global community of designers to reach their fullest potential. She loves advocacy work, design, psychology, and making real Bahrain WhatsApp Number List connections with humans all over the world.

I enjoy resting at home, playing with my kids

Tags Look inside 99d Our designers designer interview Bahrain WhatsApp Number List logo design An interview with logo enthusiast, peper pascual Allison S. Gremillion by Allison S. Gremillion 10 years ago 3 min read Look inside 99d Our designers Logos, websites, book covers & more… Get a design Peper Pascual is favorably known by all staff members at 99designs, which is no surprise since he’s one of the most engaged and passionate 99designers on our site. Peper didn’t go to school for graphic design, but his skills have strengthened in the few short years he has been a member. We love Peper and it’s time to celebrate him and his work! Bahrain WhatsApp Number List Jefferson Pascual Name: Jefferson Pascual Location: Philippines 99designs handle: peper pascual Projects won: 64 How did you get started in design? When I was a kid,

Tags Look inside 99d Our designers designer interview logo

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Bahrain WhatsApp Number List



my first artwork was the Biblical character Noah holding a scepter in his hand. I continued to draw images of robots and when I entered school, I was able to practice my drawing more. I participated in many art contests like painting, Bahrain WhatsApp Number List college art and poster design. Some contests involved drawing and editing comics and cartoons. I won some and lost some, and through this I learned habitual and competitive drawing. Renegade Logo Describe your design style. My design style is similar to juxtaposition art.Bahrain WhatsApp Number Listnjoy combining two objects to form a clever design. I also enjoy creating artworks that are asymmetrical and hate when I align nodes of my lines. Windy Valley Logo What led you to start using 99designs? At work, .

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