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Quadrant with horizontal synchronous and asynchronous, and the vertical same place and different place ‘You work at home, you work together at the office’ Many organizations talk about a split between independent and focused work — from Cameroon Phone Number List now on, employees can mainly do this from home — and interactive collaboration — this should mainly take place in the office. Then most people can manage with two days at the office and three days at home, or possibly.

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A great split at first glance, right? That’s what I thought too… until Chris Tubb showed that the chance of meeting people on the same day for a ‘live’ meeting or gathering in such a division of home versus office is nil. If you want to work with 5 people who are all in the office two days a week, the chance that you will find a suitable day and time is only 5 percent.

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Table showing how often people work from home and how likely it is that they can meet at the office Ask yourself 7 questions about (hybrid) working But there is more than just place and time-independent working. Especially when we talk about hybrid works. In this light, Jitske Kramer already wrote in November 2020 in her book ‘ Work has left the building ‘ (affiliate) that.

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