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Model what others are doing if you see how they are Mexico Phone Number List marketing you to can take a similar approach. Trying to re-invent the wheel is insane, showing how you can add value to the market is common sense. No, the most important thing you have to remember is to set yourself apart from others. You can do this by stating your definiteness of purpose in life. As Napoleon Hills says, this is how you set your own price tag in life and business. He says we need to have a definite purpose in business, marketing and life and make a plan. This is the master key or first success principle that lays firm foundations to align your spiritual business marketing with how you want to make your difference in the world and still stay true to you! So again, you need to find a niche, that aligns your inner purpose with your outer purpose in life and that will determine where you can excel.

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If you do not do this, marketing your spiritual business becomes a drag and feels like a chore, when in fact all it is finding creative ways to actually get in front of the people who will say a firm yes or a firm no! This could be using on or offline marketing strategies to market yourself, a website and or a product. That’s up to you and what you feel drawn to. It might also depend on how you like to connect and build authentic relationships with people. Spiritual Business Marketing Mistake Number.


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Rushing the creation process! How do you avoid this marketing mistake and market yourself, a website and or a product successfully? Too many Spiritual Business Owners simply try to get overnight success when using the Law of Attraction. They usually want what they want, like yesterday! This is not going to happen if they are coming from a space of lack. When you get yourself out their and market you want to avoid doing it from a low vibration. Try to enjoy yourself! If you are serious about allowing yourself to use the Law of Attraction to succeed in every aspect of life, marketing and spiritual business growth, rushing things will only make things worse. I know I have used the LOA in reverse because I had serious money blocks!

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