Apple Releases New Spot Inspired by Korean Cinema’s Biggest

Apple wants to continue being the market leader with its technological products. Which is why its power to convince. The consumer goes hand in hand with its commitment to marketing. Recently the american brand has decided to launch its first version of its shot on iphone spot inspired by korean culture after its strong success in cinema and on the australia whatsapp number list small. Screen according to data from statista, apple’s total net sales. Amounted to $365.82 billion in fiscal 2021, up slightly. From the all-time high of $274.52 billion in fiscal 2020. The mix of south korean culture. And the iphone 13 pro max given these data, apple’s annual income. Has quadrupled in the last ten years, which is why the brand continues to bet on reaching. The hearts of consumers with ingenious proposals.

In conclusion, The Firm Has Been Inspired in Its New Campaign

The firm has been inspired in its new campaign by the popularity of South Korean culture, where they have positioned themselves as leaders in the cinema with films and series such as “Parasite”, “Squid Games”, and the musical group BTS. Park Chan-wook, where only the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max were used Australia WhatsApp Number List in the recording to capture the images. The spot would advertise that it is under the direction of South Korea’s most successful and critically acclaimed directors.

The Ad Then Tells the Story of a Gravedigger Who Digs Up

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The ad then tells the story of a gravedigger who digs up an abandoned tomb. And steals a coffin for a warrior’s funeral, but in the process accidentally. Awakens the ghost of an ancient swordsman who, in turn, brings. The spirit to life. Of a warrior. The company founded by steve jobs. Steve wozniak and ronald wayne also shared with its followers the making of the spot, to detail. How the short film was shot. You can also read: they present a new renault. Car for f1; alpine a522 design unleashes ridicule on networks influencer is disappointed in the dress he buys online. But his followers “Save” his purchase ricardo salinas is proposed for “Secretary. Of economy” for a lesson on inflation on networks


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