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Such as demonstrations or riots. She also has no control over interest groups that group themselves online, forms their opinions, and possibly turn Malaysia Phone Number List against the government. Think of Black Lives Matter, climate children, nursing staff, farmers, the yellow vests, and many others. She herself tries to reach citizens with a multitude of websites and messages.

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As a result, citizens no longer see the forest for the trees. The input from the government and related agencies is fragmented, unclear, ad hoc, and also not always safe enough. Digitization and society do not wait for the government. As a result, there is a growing disruption in various areas. What can the government do about it?

Malaysia Phone Number List
Malaysia Phone Number List

The big question is therefore what the government can do to regain control of digital developments in order to prevent further undermining of society. In order to disprove Arjen Lubach’s opinion, the politicians, and therefore also the government, will have to take steps to make the influence of digitization their own. Serious attention is nee for digitization.

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