Best Software for Tracking Multiple Affiliate Campaigns

Not knowing which keywords provide the best revenue is crucial to creating a successful PPC business. You want to understand which keywords are generating profits and which ones should be eliminated. Affiliate marketing is a great resource for making money over the internet. But keeping track of all your numbers can be a logistical nightmare. This is where effective affiliate tracking software comes into play. With countless options to choose from, is it difficult to track software to decide which PPC site is best for you?  As your Internet business grows, imagine working with manually Cyprus Phone Number List handling new registrations, creating personalized logos, tracking your website statistics, monitoring new sales and developing your own advertising campaigns. Installing subsidiary tracking software allows you to automate the process, making it more streamlined and less hassle from day to day.

There are several types of affiliate tracking software available. Learn about the different types of services offered by different companies, the price of the initial installation and the cost of future maintenance, upgrades and technical support.

Affiliate Tracking Software Options

Tracking202 is subsidiary tracking software that offers several attractive features including keyword tracking, spy views and keyword cloaking. The additional services offered are manifold and are available in various versions. The first is completely free, but only provides a minimal amount of support. Many affiliate tracking software companies charge a flat rate for their services. Tracking202 offers several different programs based on usage rather than user. For example, the base “rookie level” charges $19.95/month for up to 2000 hits. At the top end of the spectrum, Tracking202 charges $995.95/month for its “proxy class,” which covers 1,100,000 hits.

The biggest issue with Tracking202 is privacy, although the company ensures that their PPC information is fully protected for users. Tracking202 hosts all the data, and while the company is adamant that the information isn’t stolen or sold, they still have unlimited access to it. If you’re uncomfortable watching with another entity or having access to your leads and valid keywords, Tracking202 isn’t the software for you.

Prosper 202

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Prosper202 is a self-hosted version of Tracking202 that does almost everything Tracking202 does. Once again, the service is free, and if your computer meets the minimum requirements. The software is user-friendly and worth a try. For example, if you are a low-volume user who expects to get under 5000 hits per day, Prosper202 recommends installing PHP version 5.0 or higher and MYSQL 4.0 or higher. If you are a super member and run a high volume of PPC traffic, Prosper202 recommends installing a dedicated server. The biggest difference between Prosper202 is the software’s ability to process large amounts of data at the same time.  Also, if you’re planning on dealing with a few keywords on a daily basis. The limited amount of support this free software offers probably won’t cut it.

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