Blind words, the inclusive typography for sighted and blind people

Núria lópez has created a typographic system that allows people with any type of visual ability to read. Is the current graphic design restrictive with blind people was the question that núria lópez srtaserifa asked herself at. The moment of specifying the idea behind the design of blind words . When it comes to answering this question, the controversy is served, however, núria lópez is clear the design must offer a sustainable, ecological solution or one that respects social inclusion and it is mainly on this last point that she supports the typography that. She has developed and adapted thinking that it can be read by both the sighted and the blind.


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Blind words, inclusive typography for sighted and blind background remove service people 1 a project of these characteristics needs to delve into aspects that go far beyond the visual aspect of typography. Thus, the design of blind words was developed in two different planes one more experimental and the other functional. The first phase consisted of investigating printing methods that would allow the two parts of typography to be included, one visual and one that could be read by hand. Combining the system invented by valentin haüy, which allowed the blind to read from the relief of printed letters, and the braille system, núria lópez devised the ideal printing method for her typography.

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Blind words, inclusive typography for sighted and CLB Directory blind people 3 the most functional aspect of the project refers to the design of the typography itself. Taking as a starting point the six points that make up. The braille alphabet, núria designed a font that represents all the glyphs of the. Latin alphabet in a grid that allows one to be superimposed on. Another and respond to the reading needs of both the blind and the blind.

Blind words, inclusive typography for sighted and blind people 5 blind words, inclusive. After that, Typography for sighted and blind people 6 blind words, inclusive typography for sighted and. Blind people 7 blind words, inclusive After that, typography for sighted and blind people 8 blind words, inclusive typography. For sighted and blind peopl by núria lópez has earned After that, her numerous awards and recognitions, the latest being. The gaudeamus project , awarded by the col·legi oficial de disseny gràfic de catalunya.

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