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What makes blog comments valuable for SEO?Since this was my first client, I decided to do some research on the subject. I head over to Google and look for some articles. My research in the popular article is this: Blog Comments on SEO Theory of SEOI wrote impressively some of the requests made later. Here is one of the most extreme parts:“Using someone else’s blog for your cheap, parasitic linking is the lowest form of SEO. Using blog Croatia Phone Number List comments for SEO is a black hat black hat gets because you are literally treating other people if they have any reason other than promoting yours The site exists for your benefit. and totally vile.”I must say, I haven’t seen it and I don’t agree more than that.

Lots of articles, but as far as I know the articles may be link bait to make the argument in the SEO field .

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If the information was serious and not link bait, I’d say the blogger’s owner displayed a rather odd policy on comments.It doesn’t make any sense if you don’t like people’s comment links. let people link to leave comments on their own blogs. There are simple alternatives to avoid these comments. And if you have a problem, leave a comment before you.You can turn off comments using Facebook comments or other comment tools and not give links back to the blog.Read: 8 techniques to earn more likes and comments on Facebook

According to the blog post, you shouldn’t use your name in the comment field.  Give a link to your website. Instead, you should just write your name in the comment text field so readers can go to Google and search for your name.Seriously, I think the author is pulling SEO nerd jokes here.I’ve probably done hundreds of comments, mostly post links to Commentluv blog with the correct anchor text.I’m not going to brag, but I’ll say that the vast majority of opinions are, ask them to comment later. I try to stay away from the form to leave “good post comments”.I can tell you right away that blog comments don’t bring in a lot of traffic. I have yet to see a blog comment that drives more than 500 people to my blog in one day.


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