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You’re a new non-profit and wondering how you’ll come up with money to support your cause, right? You’ve heard the hype about grants and loads of free federal money that are available to anyone Estonia Phone Number List willing to lend a helping hand in society, but have you done any serious investigation into the processes that sustain a non-profit in the long haul? Let’s start with a few pieces of common misinformation: Grants are sustainable. This is far from the truth. Grant funding is like a crutch.

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The whole idea behind setting aside a chunk of money is to help an organization establish a project or keep an impactful project in place when times are tough. Grant money isn’t intend to sustain an organization fully. Grants are available for everyone. Most grant money is available to government entities and non-profit organizations.

Estonia Phone Number List
Estonia Phone Number List

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If an individual or for-profit business, chances are your grant search is going to be grueling. Not to mention, probably spend more resource applying for the money than receive IF you get funded. Therefore, seeking grant money is a largely ineffective marketing approach for almost every non-profit organization. Grants are available for everything. Grant money for specific causes that advance a social mission.

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