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Hybrid working stands for flexible choice of the location where the work takes placeā€ and immediately adds: In hybrid work cultures, the choice of work location is not based on the available building, but on the type of work, the purpose of the Cyprus Phone Number List activity, the desired degree of interaction, the efficiency of communication and the personal preferences of employees and customers.

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Isabel De Clercq also writes in her recent book ‘ The hybrid work: a manifest ‘ (affiliate) that professionals, managers, and organizations should ask themselves what they actually want to achieve through hybrid work. I think there are 7 questions that are relevant to determining how your hybrid works: Why what do I want to achieve?

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What is the purpose of my task or assignment? How: how do I do the work? What agreements and processes are there? With what: which tools, which apps and systems do I need? Who: with which people do I work? In what shape? What are everyone’s needs, expectations, and personal preferences? When do I do that work? On what day and what time?

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