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Also read: Google Sheets: the ultimate overview of top Nigeria Phone Number analytics tools 2. Apply color scale with conditional formatting Conditional formatting is a really handy feature that you can use for many more things. I’ll give another example. Suppose you keep Nigeria Phone Number track of the marketing budgets. Every week you write down your income and expenses in two columns (again, just a very simple example). With conditional formatting you can see with colors Nigeria Phone Number whether your expenses are below or above average. Select the column and right click and open the conditional formatting option again.

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Under Conditional formatting rules at Nigeria Phone Number the top, choose the ‘Color scale’ option. By default, Google chooses a scale from green to white. But you can adjust this. Under Formatting Rules, click the preview to see options. In the case of the expenses, I choose Nigeria Phone Number the ‘Green to White to Red’ option. But in another situation, you might want Nigeria Phone Number to choose ‘Red to White to Green’ or ‘Red to Yellow to Green’. You can also choose a minimum and maximum and a midpoint.

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Click done and you’ll see how your spreadsheet Nigeria Phone Number indicates which expenses were low and which weeks were very expensive (red!). You can also set this for the income, but then you have to choose the color scale the other way around. Set color scale Nigeria Phone Number for marketing planning. 3. Automatically display the current date This tip can be useful if you keep a content schedule in your spreadsheet. Select the column or row where you want to Nigeria Phone Number apply this. This should be a row/column where you keep data. For example, every day of the year. Under Conditional formatting rules, choose ‘Format cells as…’ in the drop-down menu for ‘Date is’ and ‘Today’. Choose a handy color in the layout style, so that you can easily see what day it is in your spreadsheet.

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