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This can damage the reputation of your brand or organization. Communication professionals must therefore be aware of trends and indicate which are relevant or which will not last. Claim your spot in the boardroom What about our reputation and to what extent do our proactive PR activities have an impact on this? Do we get enough exposure in the media with important topics that are relevant to us? Are we on the right track or do we need to adjust our strategy?

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All questions that the board wants answers to. So communication professionals need to develop data skills so that they can answer these questions based on data and not gut feeling. Only in this way can you offer extra added value for your Philippines Phone Number company. The data required for this is often up for grabs, so what are you waiting for? Look for connections so that it is not just data collection. The strategic insights you gain from this data are relevant for various departments.

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It is an excellent opportunity to integrate (performance) marketing data with PR, branding and communication. And to give a complete picture of the impact you make as a company. Think of owned media data such as your website analytics to determine the impact of PR on website visits and maybe even conversion. Or paid data, to see whether earned media and advertising optimally reinforce each other in conveying your message. can’t allocate a budget, if you haven’t worked for organic ; When websites are ranked on the front page of a search engine, it not only increases the likelihood of visitors turning into customers. It also demonstrates the legitimacy of the products or services it provides to those who are searching for a

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