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The more motivated you and your team will be to achieve it. If the goal is not relevant. It should not be treated as a priority. To create and ensure a relevant goal. Think about the impact it will generate as a whole. For example. Increasing sales by 10% with social media campaigns will directly impact the company’s revenue and profit. Therefore. It is an extremely relevant goal. T (time based ou temporal) finally. Your goal should be temporal. That is. It must have a specific deadline to be achieved. This part is extremely important. As it prevents other less important tasks from taking priority over the longer-term and more important one.

The smart goal is just a way of setting goals and putting strategies into practice. In addition to this method. You can set goals with swot analysis and other methods explained in this article . 2. Identify your target audience the audience that buys from your company directly may be different from the one that will buy on the internet. Therefore. For your online goals to be achieved. It is essential to describe your target audience and define the persona (you can understand the difference between the two in this article ). Understanding the target audience will help you discover the following details: in which social networks are they most active (consequently.

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Which ones to invest more in); what content should be made to attract them; the posting frequency; tone of voice to be adopted; what information is essential to¬†Estonia Phone Numbers them. The persona gives more details about the ideal customer. With persona information. You can target content directly to them. Talking one-on-one. If you haven’t defined your persona yet. You can start by reading this guide and watching the video below! 3. Humanize your brand one of the biggest mistakes of those who start to build their digital presence is to think that the customer wants to interact with the corporation. However. People interact with people. Even if your business doesn’t have a face.

Estonia Phone Numbers

That doesn’t mean it should be personalityless. The secret to the success of digital presence is to bet on personalization. Whether in content or when responding to users on social networks. A good example of a brand that has personality is magazine luiza. Through its brand persona . Lu. Constantly. Lu goes viral on social media. As her profiles are not afraid to make jokes and talk to her followers in a more personal way. Brands that behave like robots and only give ready answers are extremely criticized. Want to build a strong online presence? Bet on the humanization of the brand! 4. Focus on helping the public as much as your goal on the internet is to sell more and win more customers.

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This will only happen if your company cares about helping them instead of shoving offers and promotions down their throats. If your company focuses on helping the public and delivering quality content to them. Selling will be easier. After all. The vast majority of people like to buy from brands that prove to be reliable. Right? If your followers ask a question. Answer it as best you can. If someone talks about a specific problem. It’s worth planning content solving that problem. By offering solutions instead of focusing on selling all the time. You will be proving that your company is an authority and will earn the trust of a potential customer. 5.

Invest in videos videos are considered the future of the internet and you can use them to promote your brand and create a digital presence. On any website and social networks there are resources to host videos. Some go even further. Offering options for subtitles. Live surveys. Lead capture forms. And live streaming. Video marketing has several benefits for those who bet on them. Such as: helps in the seo of your website and blog; increases engagement with the public; it is a responsive content format; explains complex concepts more easily; content is more personalized; want to learn how to produce videos from start to finish.

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