Child Improvises With “Campaign” for Náutica and Users Applaud

In conclusion, Social networks have boosted the creativity of people, who feel more inspired every day to create content that is applauded by the digital pulse to the point of going viral on these platforms. This is the case of a boy. Who surprised everyone on the tik tok social network with an “Improvised” advertising campaign for the náutica brand. According to data from Statista, as of 2019 and 2020, the average daily use of social. Above all Networks by internet users globally amounted to 145 minutes per day, compared to 142 minutes in 2018. In this sense, the statistics platform . Indicates that currently, the penetration rate of social networks.

At a Global Level Is Almost 54%, Where the New Generations

At a global level is almost 54%, where the new generations are the ones who most use these digital sites to recreate, educate themselves and even denounce. After that Currently and according to data from a study of social networks. Carried out in spain 2021, it was found that these latest generations prefer tik tok over Facebook. In addition, The chinese social network already has more than 100 million users and its largest audience are young people from generation z, since. It is a meeting point where people from all over the world connect and collaborate in the Argentina WhatsApp Number List creation of content. Boy surprises with improvised “Campaign” for nautica through the tik tok social network, a user identified as elemanrodsb, shared an improvised. And very creative advertisement that his little brother created. For the náutica brand. The tiktoker explains that his younger brother.

Asked Him for a Mirror, His Laptop and Perfume

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n conclusion, Asked him for a mirror, his laptop and perfume. And he created an advertising video for one of the nautica brand fragrances. In the recording. You can see how the little boy used colored smoke. Effects that were transmitted on the laptop to capture. Therefore, The presentation. Of the firm’s perfume with the phone. Similarly, The perfect execution of the boy with his creativity to develop the advertising campaign for the brand, not only surprised his older brother, but also the internet. Users who. Commented and made the video viral. “that child will have 10 years of experience when looking for a job. In marketing”, says one of the comments on the social network.

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