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As with Generation Z, ‘speed’ is also important for this Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number group. Flash delivery and fast delivery times also come into play here. I myself belong to the Millennials, and I recognize this! I am a fan of Gorillas. In the beginning I (Sanne) was a bit ashamed of it (‘Jeez, I’m so lazy’) but not anymore. Which products have you ever ordered online? Online grocery Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number shopping is becoming increasingly popular among all generations. In addition to Generation Z, more and more Millennials are also making the switch to TikTok. It took a little longer with Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number this group, but they are definitely there now. This group also buys a lot via social media. But where influencers are more important to Generation Z.

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Millennials often use social media to get in touch Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number with companies (30%) and to see whether a company is reliable (30%). Generation X: increasingly online & smartphone Generation X are people between the ages of 41 and 60. According to the Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number research, this generation is becoming increasingly digital. More and more digital devices are placed in the house, connected to each other and used ‘smart’. Online purchasing behavior Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number Generation X: ease of ordering process, contact customer service, online payment requests. In addition, online shopping has also become more important for this group since corona, but that is the case with every generation.

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This group pays attention to an easy ordering Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number process, good delivery service and clear information about the products. Generation X prefers to place orders online via a laptop and via a webshop with a quality mark and good customer Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number service. A third indicate that they sometimes have difficulty making contact with the webshop. So a missed opportunity. There is also a large increase in the use of smartphones for Jiangxi Mobile Phone Number watching TV, videos and movies. On which devices do Dutch people watch TV, videos or films? Baby boomers: Facebook & physically to the supermarket Then the last group: 61 to 76 years. The oldest group in this study.

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