Coca-Cola already has its own typeface

Cocacola has just introduced its own typeface, for the first time in its history, after 130 years of existence. Following in the footsteps of big companies like youtube or ibm , cocacola has just announced the launch of its own typeface tccc unity. A sans serif font whose name responds to the acronym for the cocacola company and whose forms are intended to serve as a tribute to american modernism and the traditional designs of the company itself. Cocacola already has its own typography 1 in its 130 years of existence, cocacola has carved out a more than recognizable brand image through the lettering of its logo, the shape of the bottles and, of course, the unmistakable color red, but in more than a century it had never developed your own font.


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The brody associates agency team , led by neville brody, in photo retouching service direct collaboration with james sommerville, the brand’s deputy director of global design, have been in charge of creating and shaping tccc unity, the first cocacola corporate typeface to is added, from this moment, to the dna of the brand. Cocacola already has its own typography 3 to design tccc unity, the design team fully immersed themselves in the history of cocacola, delving into the different elements and styles that have made it recognizable over the years. Observing the evolution of a more ornate and decorative image, based on illustration and ornaments, towards designs based on american modernism, passing through constructivism, they decided to design a contemporary typeface, scalable and easy to use in different supports, physical and digital, but without neglecting.

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The essence of cocacola, so that it serves as a distinctive CLB Directory element from now on. As a complement to the new cocacola typeface, the brody associates team has developed an app called tccc unity. For ios and android that allows you to learn more about this font and the elements that inspire it. Spring is showing up, and with it, outdoor aperitifs, p├ętanque balls in one hand and beers in the other. The time is right to refresh the look of your craft breweries and the packaging of your beers.

Whether in the form of cans or bottles, believe us, you have plenty of leeway to experiment with new visuals. Today, we’re going to highlight 5 beer label design trends that should set you. Apart from the competition and grab your customers’ attention. 1. Craft paper the hipster trend succeeds rather well with beer labels. Particularly appreciated for its industrial style and unique designs, this type of label, both modern and vintage, appeals to many customers looking for a real experience.

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