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Virtual stores could be a kind of checkpoint. Keeping consumers connected to the retail chain and continuing to generate interest so that when it’s all over. Traffic can be recovered. One of the directors of Ralph Lauren points out. In fact. To The Wall Street Journal . The Austria phone numbers that has pointed out the emerging trend in the appearance of virtual stores. That his company expects that after the crisis there will be a “large increase in traffic” to their stores. Experiences such as the virtual store are what allow. He indicates. To accelerate that fire. And. As the CEO of Obsess. One of the software companies that create this store format. Neha Singh. Explains to the Journal . Although for many brands this is “still an experiment”. Many others are already seeing the potential that it has as a concept.

And its possible integration into strategic plans. In other words. Virtual stores are not just a solution for a Christmas campaign in which consumers need to visit the stores but it is difficult for them to do so (or impossible in some cases). But something with more projection for the future. For some brands. It will be a key element in product discovery or Austria phone numbers of the customer experience. Why the coronavirus has made us take refuge in the brands that are most familiar to us. According to consumer psychology Buying the brands we know creates the illusion that we are in control of what happens to us Tags psychology consumption marks marketing read later favorites 0 ads Digital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing programmatic During the first months of the pandemic. A paradoxical situation arose.

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On the one hand. Consumers who were stuck at home and started cooking. They were doing artisan cuisine. Slow food and homemade food. All those elements that were associated with healthy and the latest fashions of what is supposed to be healthy. The industry. In fact. Predicted that sales of healthy products would increase. They did it. On the other hand. Austria phone numbers the desired products that flew from the supermarket shelves. There were many healthy zero products linked to fast food. People seemed to be stuffing themselves with snacks and regaining things they hadn’t eaten since childhood. Could it be the same consumers who were baking and eating vegetables that were gorging themselves on the Gang Cheetos they ate as children? They were. As they explain in an analysis in the Harvard Business Review.

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Consumers were eating kale salads and fast food at the same time. And. Although it seemed like a paradox and an impossibility in consumer psychology. It had a very simple explanation. They were the consumer response to the emotions that dominated their days. Consumers felt disgust and fear. Those emotions were the key to understanding how they made Austria phone numbers decisions. The emotions that illnesses arouse In general. Psychology has detected two major responses among people to contagious diseases. We react with disgust. That is. We feel a bit disgusted and we find it unpleasant. You just have to think about what we would feel and what we would do if someone in the street coughed or sneezed (or much worse. If they did it in the same aisle of the supermarket where we are).

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That disgust is accompanied by the feeling of fear of contagion and also the perception that we are losing control. They point out in the analysis. It is not only that we fear what may happen to us. But also that we do not feel that we are controlling what happens to us at that very moment. There is a kind of sense of loss. These emotions are general and connect with Austria phone numbers we experience these types of situations. What the researchers have now achieved. As they show in the analysis. Is to connect them with our purchasing decisions. During the pandemic we buy mostly those things we know. We did it because it was what connected with that emotional state.

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