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Tags smes marketing digital read later with Deloitte. Has presented the new results of the study that focuses on the use of digital tools in times of crisis and recovery. In this new wave. The report shows the change in habits suffered by Spanish smes during Canada phone number pandemic and the fundamental role that technology has played for business. New tools to reach customers The reduction in capacity in stores and premises. Together with social distance. Have made digitization a priority for smes and. In fact. Many of them have already started the process with the help of digital tools that were part of their day to day. Such as social platforms. According to the study. 46% of the smes surveyed say they have started to use or have increased their use of digital platforms to interact with their customers during COVID-19.

The choice of platforms as a way of interacting with customers responds to the need of smes to better reach their target audience. As indicated by 48% of them. According to 24%. This is also linked to the desire to improve the customer experience. This interest Canada phone number offering a better quality of service has also been reflected in the tools selected by smes to communicate with their customers. 46% of the smes consulted affirm that during the pandemic they have begun to use or have increased the use of direct messages through social networks. To have closer contact with their public. The new digital strategy of smes seems to be here to stay. As confirmed by 68% of the companies surveyed.

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Which expect the use of digital tools to interact with their customers to increase after the pandemic. Evolution of digital strategies Beyond the relationship with customers. Small and medium-sized companies have found in digital platforms and tools an Canada phone number to keep their businesses open during the Covid-19 crisis. Developing new business strategies. More focused on digital. During the pandemic. 52% of smes acknowledge that they have started to use or increased the use of company profiles on social networks for purposes related to marketing. Brand awareness and attracting new customers. In fact. 30% of smes say they have started to use. Or use more than before. Ads on social networks and 46% said they do so because it is an alternative that involves fewer resources and economic effort than channels traditional.

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Even 29% confirm that they have sold new products or services through digital platforms. Not an easy change. Since 34% of the smes that have participated in the survey confess that the lack of knowledge or skills has been their greatest challenge when Canada phone number applying digital tools. Therefore. From Facebook we want to share with smes some tips to help them maintain their digital strategy: Create relevant content for customers : look for your profiles to have content that is relevant and of interest to your customers. To make it easier to have a weekly or monthly overview of the content of your networks.

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You can create a content calendar with what you want to publish to even more people. Interact with other smes – You can create a common network where all smes can exchange knowledge. Experience and advice. Serve as support to each other in these moments of uncertainty. Sharing the solutions that have worked best for each one or the doubts that Canada phone number may arise. Create a community or group – Creating a community during this difficult year can help your SME get ahead. As well as encourage mutual aid and promote the local economy. Staying in Touch with Customers – Continuing to build a close bond with customers is paramount during these times. Transparency and authenticity are qualities highly valued by customers at times like these. To do this.

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