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When they have become interested in the event thanks Belarus Phone Number to the content, they are immediately in the right place for more information and possible purchase of a ticket. When the event gets closer, you opt for sales-oriented messages. Fingers crossed that Belarus Phone Number the relationship you have built with your audience will pay off. Finally, don’t forget your Belarus Phone Number regular visitors in your content marketing. Actively ask them to share your content or forward emails and offer group discounts when they purchase multiple tickets.

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During the day As far as content marketing is Belarus Phone Number concerned, you can pursue two goals: to bring the event to life with people who are not present (often online) and to collect content that you can use after the event. Both are of course also possible. Do you Belarus Phone Number also want to bring the event to life in the outside world? Then you can choose to keep a live blog during the day and do a live report of the event on social media. For example, share quotes from speakers on Belarus Phone Number Twitter or share live recordings via Instagram stories. Don’t forget to encourage your visitors to do the same. For example, share the event hashtag on screens and printed matter.

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An event is also the ideal opportunity to produce Belarus Phone Number content that you can use later. Do you have interesting speakers on stage? For example, ask them to give a short recap of their presentation in front of the camera, or ask them some questions. You can also Belarus Phone Number record the presentation yourself, on video or audio (did someone say podcast?). Also invite a photographer and encourage visitors to take pictures, for example by creating an Insta-worthy selfie Belarus Phone Number corner (don’t forget to communicate the hashtag, at eye level of course). After The content you created during the event can now be used to give the event a longer shelf life than the day(s) of the event alone and with a wider audience than the visitor to the event alone.

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