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And they receive exclusive offers (14%). Also. Other uses of the mobile are to see the prices of the competition. Look for product reviews or take pictures while shopping in the store. And 74% think that it is important to have the mobile when buying in a physical store. At the same time. And as a conclusion. The study includes the keys to planning a Italy phone number digital advertising strategy. Taking into account the budget. The company’s objectives and the calendar dates such as Christmas. To do this. He recommends the application of five strategies to sell more this season: 1st) Communicate on the correct channel It is key to know the consumer and reach him where he is. That is why he advocates that brands be able to identify the RRSS. The media they consume and the game apps they use.

2nd) Be relevant This implies being based on data and knowing what consumption habits customers have. How they live and what interests them. 3rd) Differentiate It is crucial to review and analyze what makes a brand different from the others in order to launch campaigns with their own messages. 4th) Offer a clear benefit In a very competitive environment. The Italy phone number benefits that advertisers offer to consumers are essential. Some specific examples applied to these dates are the application of discounts. Free shipping or gifts of complementary products. 5th) Launch. Learn and sustain over time Once a campaign is set up. It’s important to launch it early enough to review and test. So advertisers can learn from the experience and keep what works. Because only by constantly innovating and improving is it possible to increase sales during the end of the year.

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Email phishing campaigns grow 440% worldwide after online purchases in November and Black Friday Tags phishing e-mail shopping Internet read later favorites Digital Marketing Courses Digital programmatic Researchers from the Check Point company warn that they have detected a 440% increase worldwide in the use of email phishing campaigns in which Italy phone number pose as package delivery companies such as Amazon. DHL or fedex. With the aim of committing economic fraud by taking advantage of the large number of packages that are sent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The messages sent use subjects such as “Problem with the delivery of the package” or “Tracking your order” to entice victims to reveal personal data.

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Cybercriminals are focusing their attacks on all phases of the online shopping experience. In fact. Just a few weeks ago. The company detected an 80% increase in malicious phishing campaigns targeting online shoppers under the guise of offering “special Italy phone number discounts.” Figures suggested that 1 in 826 emails delivered to users around the world were malicious phishing emails. A 13% increase from October data. DHL. Amazon and fedex. The most supplanted companies The company’s researchers point out that. Of the total number of malicious emails detected. 57% correspond to DHL. Followed by the e-commerce giant Amazon (37%) and fedex (7%). By region.

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Europe leads with the highest number of discovered phishing emails. Phishing email figures grew by 401% compared to the previous month. And the brand most used to carry out this type of attack has been DHL. With 77% of all fake emails. On the other Italy phone number hand. In the United States. 427% more malicious emails were detected in November than in October. With Amazon (65%) being the hook most used by cybercriminals. “Cybercriminals are on the offensive taking advantage of the boom in online shopping. First. They impersonate trusted brands and send emails with “special offers” to gain the trust of the victim. Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is over.

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