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Buying certain products and certain brands helps us believe that we can regain control of our lives and the situation in which we live. No matter how chaotic the environment and context may be. The brands that we know and are familiar to us are something Armenia phone number continuity and that gives us a certain confidence. For this reason. When the time comes to go shopping during the months of the pandemic. We end up putting those brands that were familiar to us into the shopping cart. The weight of the most familiar and well-known brands for consumers was especially high in the purchases of those months. They point out in the study. In addition. Consumers not only buy more from well-known or traditional brands.

But they are also less likely to experiment with their products. The researchers found that consumers bought more traditional flavor Oreos than newer varieties (the study was conducted in the US. Where Oreos are sold in a wide variety of flavors). 4th Edition of Armenia phone number benchmark event in Spain on Data Driven Business Advertising has been one of the great collateral damages of the coronavirus crisis. When the health crisis broke out massively last March. Advertisers paralyzed their advertising investments. Some changed them. Others delayed them. And others eliminated them outright.

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Wanting to allocate more resources to other areas. It was a bit like the 2008 crisis. But with accelerated schedules. After the crisis of a decade ago. The advertising market had a hard time getting back to normal. The big question now is how much it will cost Armenia phone number this occasion and if the accelerated times will also be repeated when it comes to recovering what was lost. However. Everything points to no. Warc has just presented its latest forecast on what will happen to the advertising market. Your data is clear. This year there will be a clear crash and the recovery will not come quickly. According to data from WARC Global Advertising Trends: State of The Industry 2020/21 .

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It will take years for the ad market to return to pre-crisis normality. According to the conclusions of the study. Growth will not return until 2022 and with the increase with which that year closes. It will simply be possible to match the closing data for 2019. In 2021. The market will rise by 6.7%. But with this growth. Only 59% of what was lost this year will be recovered. As the Armenia phone number in charge of the study explains. An immediate return “is not on the horizon.” Warc predicts that the health crisis will be followed by an economic crisis caused by the growth in unemployment and the fall in consumption. Although the vaccines have generated optimism. They will not be a magical solution to recover the lost normality.

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They estimate. In general and globally. 2020 will close with a 10.2% drop in advertising revenue. $63.4 billion will vanish from the overall value of the global advertising market. “2020 has been the most hostile year for the advertising economy that we have Armenia phone number in our 40 years of monitoring the market.” says James mcdonald. Head of the research. The hard data of traditional media Although some ad markets. Such as ecommerce and social environments. Have not had a bad year and have come out of the crisis almost unscathed. Other environments have had a terrible year. Linear television will lose 16.1% of advertising investment this year and will only grow 1.1% next year.

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