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They built dashboards to easily do data analysis Step 5. With Brazil Phone Number different Magento modules. They were able to upload the data input in a scalable way Step 6. They built a Magento 2 module to store the descriptions (automatically ) update The result of all that hard work, as it turned out (see image below). Result of winning SEO case Vandentop Tuinhout Result of winning SEO Brazil Phone Number case Vandentop Tuinhout The State of In-house SEO 2022 Few Dutch SEO specialists know the company HometoGo. I myself got to know the company a few years ago when I wanted to conquer the Brazil Phone Number German market for a former employer. Apart from the great collaboration, it was already an inspiring company in the field of SEO at the time.

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Work with internal experts from your company and make them Brazil Phone Number a personal brand (also for SEO). Use clear and consistent author and expert biographies. And do this consistently throughout your website. Share original research and insights. Do not share Brazil Phone Number information from others. SEO-winning case: Vandentop Tuinhout SEO-winning case: Vandentop Brazil Phone Number Tuinhout Friends of Search recently started handing out a prestige prize for the best SEO and SEA case. The winner is determined by specialists who have been in the business for a long time.

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As a starting party, they managed to wipe Airbnb off the Brazil Phone Number map organically in no time. SEO case home to go – Source: Sistrix SEO case home to go – Source: Sistrix The talk by Dominik Schwarz (employee of HometoGo) was also inspiring. He wondered aloud whether we SEO specialists should still call ourselves SEO specialists. Especially because our role has changed Brazil Phone Number considerably in recent years. For example, you must have knowledge of UX, be technically substantiated, be able to design and manage an SEO team of various specialists (read management), have a Brazil Phone Number good feeling for content and be able to network well. Is the job title SEO specialist still appropriate? Especially because the association is not always positive.

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