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Is there a successful formula for applying terms such as Denmark Phone Number diversity and inclusion within internal communication? Not every company dares to just get start with this. ‘The so-call fear of getting it wrong can be paralyzing for companies that want to take action.’ In this article we give examples from practice. Spoiler: no. There is no formula for success yet. But the Denmark Phone Number first steps are being taken. Diversity and inclusion is a process and that is why we Denmark Phone Number are happy to share steps and tips to apply these terms in your internal communication as effectively as possible. Do research Although diversity and inclusion have often been on the agenda of various organizations for some time. The first steps have often been taken recently.

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For example, various organizations indicate that they Denmark Phone Number have actively start a zero measurement around 2020/2021. Internal research or a baseline measurement. Such as an ’employee scan’ and a ‘policy scan’, can wake up an Denmark Phone Number organization and create awareness of the climate in an organization. How safe and free do employees actually feel in the workplace? And do they feel that they are respect because of personal norms and Denmark Phone Number values? Do employees within our organization actually identify with the message we are propagating? For example, an Employee Inclusion Survey in 2021, as well as a study into communication resources at the Ministry of Education.

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Culture and Science, has ensure that various project Denmark Phone Number groups have start to introduce diversity and inclusion in their communication, internally and externally. For example, by taking a close look at the image bank and adjusting it. Or by working Denmark Phone Number on an inclusion calendar with cultural holidays and meaningful days. Discuss the topic Denmark Phone Number Base on the results of the survey, you can further shape the conversation about diversity and inclusion. Plan a meeting with HR in a safe environment where everyone is welcome to join and discuss the results. Provide an open space where people can easily connect, share stories and get ideas.

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