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Respectful and equal approach Another important principle is Romania Phone Number that you involve people in your research in an equal, respectful way. Of course, that is always an important starting point. Regardless of the target group, but I want to emphasize it extra for Romania Phone Number inclusive research. A large group of people in a socially vulnerable situation are often confronted with the speed. Complexity and incomprehensibility of the world around them. This can ensure that they Romania Phone Number cannot (fully) participate, and are therefore excluded. By not treating this group equally and with respect, you also defend this group.

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Equality lies in, of course, entering into a conversation Romania Phone Number in a respectful manner, but also in making the research material understandable and accessible (see point 5). Illustration of someone who conducts inclusive research and analyzes data On a Romania Phone Number more practical level: 4. Understanding Skill Level Insight into, for example, the language level or level of digital skills is important for the research. There are various Romania Phone Number instruments (for example from the Reading and Writing Foundation ) for estimating someone’s language level. But often these instruments confirm that something is not working. This is not conducive to the self-confidence of the participant.

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That’s why I usually ask questions with examples Romania Phone Number of situations in which people may or may not recognize themselves. That turns out to be less confrontational, and it helps me as a researcher to estimate the skill level. For an estimate of the Romania Phone Number reading or skills level, these are questions such as: Many people find it difficult to Romania Phone Number read and understand the letters from the municipality about, for example, benefits or work in the street. How’s that for you? Many people find it difficult to make the right choice when they receive a menu on the phone when they call an organization or company. How’s that for you?

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