What Is an E-commerce? Types, How to Create It and Examples

If you do digital marketing, sooner or later you will have to manage an eCommerce or at least consider what it can contribute to your brand. E-commerce has been on the Singapore Phone Number rise for years and the 2020 crisis has further accelerated its penetration among consumers. We are going to see what exactly an eCommerce is, what types there are, the pros and cons of this strategy, how to create your online store step by step and 5 examples of commerce strategies that work. Do you want to learn more about how to successfully optimize your eCommerce?

What Is E-commerce?

Click here and download the most complete manual on how to grow your sales and web traffic to your digital business. What is e-commerce? E-commerce or electronic commerce is the practice of buying and selling products over the internet. It is also called “eCommerce” to each online store that is dedicated to this business. The e-commerce sector has been one of the Singapore phones numbers most disruptive in recent years. Because it has revolutionized traditional commerce. By offering an unprecedented. Level of comfort and customization. For this reason, electronic commerce. Has become the basis.Of the business model for many brands. Types of e-commerce we can classify e-commerce. Based on the audience they are targeting or their business model.

Types of E-commerce

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Depending on the target audience B2C (Business to Consumer) : eCommerce aimed directly at the final consumer. It is the most frequent type and within it we can find many examples, from online hardware stores to ecological fashion stores. Singapore Phone Number (Business to Business) : e-commerce whose target audience is other companies, for example, office supply stores. C2C (Consumer to Consumer) : this typology has flourished in recent years with the rise of online sales. These are consumers who sell directly to other consumers, generally second-hand products. The most popular example in our country is Wallapop. In addition to these three types, which are the most common, we can also find alternatives such as C2B (Consumer To Business), G2C (Government to Consumer), B4B (Business for Business) or B2E (Business to Employer).

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