Developer? Alan Turing helps you make your website visible

Whether you work as a web developer or are a fan of everything relat to artificial intelligence or new technologies, you already know who we are talking about. TRUE?

Alan Mathison Turing (1912 – 1954) was a mathematician, cryptanalyst, and theoretical computer scientist. Many know him as one of the fathers of computer science, thanks to the Turing machine, and also a forerunner of artificial intelligence.

But why are we talking about him?
According to .DEV domain sales data , Spain is the seventh European country where more domains have been sold, even ahead of Swen, Norway or Denmark.

Despite being the seventh country with the highest number of registrations of this extension, we are very far from some markets such as the Unit Kingdom, where the number of registrations of this extension is multiplby ten. For this reason, at GoDaddy we want you to know all the possibilities of this new domain extension when it comes to developing your personal brand and creating your own website .


Selling dev domains at GoDaddy

To do this, we have recreat what Alan Turing’s website would look like today and launch in his homage. On this website you can find all the advice that a developer of the stature of him would give us when it comes to developing a personal brand, managing online reputation and the basic elements to build a successful website. And, of course, it also tells us about the importance of getting a domain that identifies you, a .DEV domain extension.

Keep in mind that Alan Turing would be quite the influencer, with thousands of followers on Twitter and a huge network on LinkIn, so we think you can learn a lot from him.

Get to know Alan Turing’s website

Why a .DEV domain?
Two months ago the  Jordan Phone Number registration of the .DEV domain was releas, an extension creat with web developers or professionals working in the 2.0 world in mind. If you have in mind to start your own project or create your personal brand, it is the perfect extension in which to host your website.

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Keep in mind that as a web developer

Or professional it is your best letter of introduction. Your name says it all. As soon as they read the address of your website or your email they will know what you do and what your skills are.

A .DEV domain is the perfect extension to develop your personal brand.
Also, the .DEV is a secure extension. What does this mean? Like the .app domain extension, these domains require in order to function. In other words, an essential requirement for your new page to be available on the Internet is that your website has an SSL certificate install

Don’t be left alone with an extension
And very important! Registering more than one domain extension will help you protect your brand or, what is the same, your online reputation . It is a way to prevent anyone, neither your competition nor any other user, from misusing your name on the network and throwing away all the work you have done so far.


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