Encourage Testimonials and Picture Reviews on Your Website

One of the biggest challenges of being a new and/or small brand is getting consumers to trust your brand enough to make a purchase. With such a limited reputation, it often feels safer for consumers to stick to big brands that they are already familiar with and know they can rely on.

To try to limit this discouragement from consumers to branch out and try new brands, encourage the consumers you have so far to include written and picture reviews, where they showcase their outfits.

Written reviews are important, as consumers

trust other consumers that are honest about the products, they spent money on.

On the other hand, photo reviews – reviews that include a picture of the item received either on or off the customer Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists will help interested consumers imagine how the product will look and fit on them, as well as reassure them on whether the brand’s product image(s) are consistent/reliable or not.

Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists

A question Bold x Collective often receives – how do I get my customers to leave reviews? Consider giving them an incentive, whether it be free shipping off your next purchase or a 10% off discount code. Offer an even better incentive for those who leave photo reviews.

In addition, you can even offer a loyalty program or points system, where leaving a photo review will earn a customer higher points than a regular review, and these points accumulate over time to ultimately save customers money.

Highlight Your Ethical Approaches

With a rise in ethically sourced and manufactured products, as well as environmentally friendly practices within the retail industry (especially fashion to go against the terrible impact of fast fashion and ethical concerns of sweatshops), highlighting your brand’s ethical approaches can convince and attract many consumers in choosing your brand over a larger, yet more controversial, brand.

Of course, this is only possible if your brand does, in fact, follow ethical approaches, but if your brand is connected to a specific cause, charity, or organization that positively impacts society, it is also worth mentioning within your marketing efforts.

Conclusion Encourage Testimonials

The fashion industry is one with numerous opportunities that will quite literally never go out of style.


By specializing in branding, strategies, and digital marketing, Bold x Collective philosophy is to gain affinity from your target audience to achieve organizational goals and help your brand stand out from the rest, or as they like to say, be bold!

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