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What are they encountering and how do they describe it? Google Trends and suggestions can also provide interesting insights. Tip 6. Content Paraguay Phone Number List creation. What would Pietje think of this post?” Also, take your persona as a starting point when creating your content.

Entrepreneur Is multiple personas

Whether it’s an advertisement, a blog article, a landing page, or a social post: keep asking yourself whether that content will attract the attention of your ideal customer and whether it will send your ideal customer further into the customer journey. This is also why naming your persona is so useful. You can then ask yourself each time. What would Pietje think of this post?”, “Does Pietje find this relevant?”

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If you have Entrepreneur Is

Is this mainly for Pietje or for Yasmin?” Also, review your old content! Especially if you have timeless content on your website or if your landing page has been live for a while, you want to check whether it matches your ideal customer. Update your content regularly with new customer language, search terms, or based on other new insights you have gained about your persona.

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