Establish a Business in Dubai with Dubai’s New Virtual Business

In conclusion, The need for a physical workplace is slowly and steadily diminishing. However, The Internet, smartphones and communication platforms allow entrepreneurs to do business remotely around the world without being physically present at all times.

Recognizing this and the need to leverage entrepreneurs and small and enterprises. Moreover, around the world for the upcoming Expo 2020. Therefore, Dubai  Virtual enterprise licenses are the first set of services  the Virtual Commercial City (VCC) program.

Starting a Business in Dubai Has Never Been Easier

In other words, with the help of a virtual business license. The next generation of entrepreneurs can take advantage of this to expand their presence in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai government welcomes you to start a business in Dubai by being in your home country.

For instance, According to the VCC website, “Your business ideas are to where you live or work. Dubai Virtual Commercial City is not a resident of Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. Also offers innovative opportunities to register and manage your business online. You can access and operate your business from anywhere in the world. The following is important information about virtual enterprise licensing programs that you need to know. Philippines Photo Editor

Philippines Photo Editor

Virtual Business Licenses Allow Businessmen, Entrepreneurs,

In conclusion, and freelancers to virtually operate a company in Dubai without the need for a physical presence or organization. This allows licensees to digitally manage their business activities, including signing documents. This license was introduced in collaboration with Dubai Economy, Directorate General of Foreign Residents (GDRFA), Supreme Legislative Committee, Smart Dubai and Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC).

Listed are some of the licensing requirements for virtual businesses. Entrepreneurs must meet to qualify.

  • Virtual business is registered in Dubai to individuals who do not reside in the United Arab Emirates
  • The owner of the company must be a national or tax resident of any of the approved countries. The approved countries are:
  • India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, North America, South Africa, Nigeria, etc.
  • For Dubai virtual business, you can only set up business activities in a predefined sector.
  • All applicants for a virtual business license are subject to background checks by the Dubai Government authorities

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