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Not being influenced by bias and opinions – but on the Belgium Phone Number List other hand he human element has a figure of creativity and non-linearity which are essential for the success of marketing activities. Artificial Intelligence Marketing: technologies and areas of application Aggregation and analysis of data. Even those unstructured and based on natural language) in a continuous process of learning and improvement to identify. From time to time, the probably most effective actions, strategies and communication and sales techniques. Those that have the potential higher efficacy / success for individual target users. This is essentially what AIM does. Therefore, starting from this sort of identification. The technological field of Artificial Intelligence Marketing, we can recognize the specific applications. And technologies of reference and how they can be use.

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The most popular applications in marketing are the following. Virtual Assistant and Chatbot It is software capable of performing actions or delivering services to people. Base on commands or requests received through an interaction in natural language (written or spoken). The most advanced systems are able to understand the tone and context of the dialogue. Memorize and reuse the information collect and demonstrate resourcefulness during the conversation. These systems are increasingly use as a first level of contact with the customer for assistance through the company Customer Care. Recommendation systems Widely used for example in eCommerce or in video and music services, they are solutions aim at addressing the preferences.

Google itself bought Panoramic in 2007

Interests or more generally the decisions of the user, based on information provided by it, indirectly or directly. Basically, they are personalized recommendations on one’s tastes, for example based on previous purchases, which can be place at different points of the customer journey or, more generally, of the decision-making process. Looking instead at the technologies , a classification is the following 1) Creation and care of the contents The automatic creation of contents (articles, news but also “simple” messages) and their presentation to the correct audience, at the optimal moment (that is, the one where there are the highest possibilities of persuasion and, therefore, conversion of the call to action), is one of the most promising areas of Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

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