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A new generation of virtual Stores to evoke the retail experience and give consumers the illusion that they are still shopping The format allows traditional retail experiences to be brought online. Keeping the connection between store and buyer during Azerbaijan phone number coronavirus Tags retail On-line shop experience marketing read later favorites 0 ads Distance University of Madrid Study degrees. Official master’s degrees online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. One of the great collateral damages of the coronavirus crisis has been retail. Stores have been directly affected by the pandemic. First. The confinement measures meant that all those that did not fit into the so-called essential services had to close their doors. Albeit temporarily.

Later, The reduced capacity and the reluctance of consumers to go to spaces where there may be many people have completed the situation. For vendors. However. The flow of customers has fallen and they have found it difficult to transfer the experiences they Azerbaijan phone number in physical stores to new environments. The alternative has become electronic commerce. Compared to retail. With all its problems due to the coronavirus. Online stores can continue to operate without problems and without burdens. They are still open and their sales area is precisely the place where their consumers are trapped right now. Their homes. For those physical stores that did not have an online presence.

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The first patch to apply was to open an online store. For those who already had it. It was to reinforce that channel and. In any case. Develop hybrid formats such as click&collect. However. That served at first. But it did not allow covering each and every one of the Azerbaijan phone number that the brands had to deal with. That is. Physical stores provide many times more than simple sales processes. They are spaces for experiences. For direct treatment or for more personalized attention. If you can’t get the consumer into the store. How can you match that experience and those actions? The irruption of the virtual store That is the challenge that companies must now face and that retail must solve.

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One potential answer could be virtual stores. Which are already testing different retail giants and different brands of consumer products. The tests are also not limited to the United States. They have also started in Europe: Clarins. One of the brands that has Azerbaijan phone number a virtual store. Has launched it in France. Ralph Lauren or GAP are other companies that have launched their own vision of the format. What exactly is the virtual store? Basically. It is still ecommerce – consumers are online. After all – but much closer to what the experience of being in a physical store could be. It is a kind of masked retail. Or bringing the store and its context to consumers at home. In addition.

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The fact that it is a virtual store does not necessarily imply that it is virtual reality (the virtual here is more in depth and not in form). Which makes the idea and the format much more potentially accessible to consumers in general. Some companies. Yes. Have developed proposals or experimental projects as virtual stores using virtual reality. It’s what Alibaba did in Azerbaijan phone number on Singles’ Day. Recreate the experience Virtual stores are open at all times and try to evoke the retail experience. The Ralph Lauren store is a replica of a real store (one located in Los Angeles) and the Clarins store offers interactive activities. Such as skin consultations. GAP’s offers tests. Something very Internet-like. But also a sort of illusion that you are in a shopping mall. For retail giants.

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