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What should companies work on? That is what a recent study by Kantar has analyzed. Which points out the three basic elements that the post-coronavirus corporate strategy should have and that should pave the way to recovery during 2021. Digital transformation It was one of the buzzwords during the first months of the coronavirus crisis. When many Iceland phone number had to accept the importance of those processes and when they had no choice but to make the transition at full speed. In Kantar’s analysis they make it clear that digital transformation is also one of the fundamental elements of post-coronavirus recovery. The health crisis has changed consumer habits and has established digital consumption patterns.

Thus. 40% of consumers acknowledge that their spending online has increased and 45% say they will continue to buy online after the end of the crisis. 95% of business managers say that online spending will probably increase in the future. Even so. Only half of the companies invested in ecommerce during the months of the crisis. Which means that they Iceland phone number no choice but to work in these areas in the future. More data. More new modes of sale and more openness to market news will be key to connecting with consumers in the post-Covid world. Purpose and sustainability The thing about companies with values has become a kind of commonplace when analyzing where companies are going and what they should do. These last few months have reinforced that idea and the importance of values.

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Those who are coming will continue to position this point as very important. Thus. The study indicates that 85% of consumers consider. It very important to support those companies that connect with what they believe and the percentage of. Z consumers and iceland phone number young millennials who consider that brands should lead. The change has risen after confinement. Companies must assume the importance of the purpose-focused strategy and work on that ground. They must be more sustainable. More efficient in reaching the needs. Their target audience and more aware of the impact they have on the lives of their consumers. Change inside the house the processes of change and adjustments should not only be carried out in relation to consumers and the market.

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They must also be done indoors. The other major area that Kantar considers that companies must adjust in their strategy to position themselves in a solvent way during the recovery is the area of innovation and organizational results. The operating model and Iceland phone number work patterns must be adjusted to be more efficient and to occupy a more solvent position in the market. Two out of three leaders. They say. Do not feel they are choosing the most appropriate operating model to be competitive. During the pandemic. Only 20% of companies recorded growth rates. In this setting. It is very important to listen to both consumers and employees. Thus. It will be possible to understand what must be done to remain relevant and to learn from the context in which the company operates.

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Email phishing campaigns grow 440% worldwide after online purchases in November and Black Friday Tags phishing email purchases internet read later favorites 0 adxs udima.es UDIMA. Distance University of Madrid Study degrees. Official masters online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. Researchers from the Check Point company Iceland phone number warn that they have detected a 440% increase worldwide in the use of email phishing campaigns in which cybercriminals pose as package delivery companies such as Amazon. DHL or fedex. With the aim of committing economic fraud by taking advantage of the large number of packages that are sent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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