Feature Flipping

his post describes feature flipping, an approach to development that helps solve some of the issues associated with risk management and quality assurance when a fast moving development team expands. Continuous deployment in large teams. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List.  Developers at 99designs use agile and lean startup methodologies, but as our development team gets bigger, deployments happen more frequently. This volume of change brings increased risk for the stability of our site. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List.  It can also be quite a challenge to measure the success of a single new feature on a rapidly changing website with multiple new features operating at any given time. In our earlier days we’d demo new features on a staging server, but as.olve these issues?

His Post Describes Feature Flipping

As well as, Feature flipping. What is feature flipping.Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List.  Feature flipping enables the ability to turn site features on or off on a per-user basis. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List.  You’ve probably encountered it before with companies like Google or Facebook when they’re rolling out major changes. A few examples include the recent UI changes to Google Docs and Google Mail, and Facebook’s new Timeline. Our approach was inspired by our friends at Learnable, and slots in well with the Lean Startup methodology of releasing minimum viable products, measuring, and adapting through fast feedback. Rolling out features incrementally gives companies the ability to ensure the appropriateness and stability of a feature. Some companies make.

Feature flipping What is feature Flipping

Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List
Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

Traditionally we would only A/B test on landing pages and static content, but feature flipping also allows us to experiment with pervasive site functionality. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List.  How it works at 99 — Before running through our approach, let’s first examine it from a developers perspective and from a site admin’s perspective. Developers As a developer, you create a new feature simply by registering it in a specific module in our codebase. 1 features.add(name=’raptors’, description. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List. Unleashes raptors over the site’) Now that we’ve defined our feature, it’s available for use in. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List.

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