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Do you feel that it is difficult to convince your target Bahrain Phone Number group post-corona to attend an event live? Then offer something exclusive that is really only possible at the event. Think of special merchandise. A raffle with products from exhibitors. A one-on-one Bahrain Phone Number session with an influencer or a special giveaway. Make it so interesting that they can’t resist! Offer something exclusive | Photographer: Check 3: a content marketing plan An event starts long before Bahrain Phone Number the event starts. We don’t need to tell experienced event managers this: months in advance you are already busy arranging a location. Speakers and catering.

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But are you also thinking about content Bahrain Phone Number marketing? This is the way to get in touch with your target group at an early stage and to encourage them to purchase a ticket or fill in the RSVP. Unfortunately, in most cases. An event does not sell itself. Therefore, make sure you have different calls-to-actions that can be linked to the content you want to produce in Bahrain Phone Number the run-up to the event. For example, an early-stage call-to-action might be.”Watch last Bahrain Phone Number year’s aftermovie.” You can roughly divide your content planning into three phases: before, during and after the event: In front of Six months in advance you can already start enthusing your target group.

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This is especially important for events with ticket Bahrain Phone Number sales. This far in advance you may not have much to say about the program or the speakers, but you can already warm people up about the topic of your event. Are you organizing an annual event? In Bahrain Phone Number your communications you can use the image you produced last year. At the beginning of your campaign, stay away from sales-like messages, but choose content that is valuable to your target Bahrain Phone Number audience. This is how you build a relationship with your audience. You publish this content on your event website (or page): this way you always have a central place where you can send your target group.

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